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Benefits of outsourcing the marketing team for your hotel business

Your countless efforts of driving more footfalls might go into vain if your marketing strategies are not sufficient. Running a hotel presents numerous challenges every day, from targeting the right customer group to providing high-quality services. On top of that, if the sales figures are dropping every month, then you should be concerned.

What are the problems you might face if you set up an in-house marketing department?

Now that you have understood that the root of the problem lies in your marketing strategy flaws, you might consider hiring a marketing team for the purpose. However, just looking for a marketing manager would not suffice, and you would have to hire specialists such as graphic designers, content writers, and advertising head, etc. However, recruiting and retaining the specialists might strip your pockets because you will have to offer a decent pay package to bring in the skilled professionals in your business. You might also have to hunt for website builders and SEO professionals to ensure that your hotel website and social media channels are fully optimized. Nonetheless, to say, a hotelier will need to make a hefty investment and offer all their time to manage their marketing team.

What are the pros of externalizing a marketing team for your hotel?

As mentioned already, you can go ahead and start setting up an in-house marketing department. However, even after investing in it, you will have to wait for a few months to see positive results. But you can get instant instants by outsourcing the marketing team for your hotel without exceeding your budget.

Here are some of the benefits that you will start experiencing the moment you outsource your marketing tasks:

  • Reducing workload

There is no point in burdening your hotel’s staff with marketing plans if they have other assigned responsibilities. Since your job as a hotelier encompasses various verticals, it is not a good idea to work full time as a marketing manager to formulate your marketing strategy. When you are running a hotel and in charge of every operation going on, how will you manage the time and the efforts required to design the advertisement and promotional plans? The wisest decision would be to contribute your efforts in growing your hotel business and entrusting the work to the marketing experts.

  • Utilizing expertise

Marketing trends change every second, and unless you are entirely in sync with them, you would be able to engage with your potential customers. From generating freshly brewed content to launching advertising campaigns, marketing professionals have a lot going on. So it would be best if you let the industry experts figure out how to lead the marketing strategy and promote your hotel business.

  • Ensure consistency and accuracy

To perfect the art of marketing, one needs to develop consistency and accuracy in every single task. Even if your staff cannot display such consistency levels, you can rely on experts as they would execute all the marketing activities by ensuring consistency and efficiency.

When you start externalizing the marketing team for your hotel, you would significantly reduce your fixed costs. You can then consider investing the savings in some other area of your hotel business to aim for constant growth.

Why should every hotel outsource the sales team?

Do you know that your high operating costs might be the reason behind the crumbling of your hotel business? Running a hotel is an expensive affair since you have to invest in the hotel’s infrastructure and facilities, and there is no other alternative to this. However, do you realize that the maintenance of in-house sales staff might be the reason behind the ever-increasing operating costs of your hotel?

Why having an in-house sales team in your hotel will act as a disadvantage?

A sales manager’s role in a hotel is primary as they are the person who drives more footfalls in your hotel and increases your sales. However, to recruit and retain a sales manager, you will have to offer them high pay and ensure regular increments. Besides this, you would have to provide the other benefits like insurance, food and accommodation expenses, etc. The same goes for a sales team consisting of a few representatives who would target your potential customers. While you would not be able to acquire a high ROI without an effective sales team, you would have to invest in their monthly compensation, illness benefits, and overtime fees. In case some of the sales representatives go on leaves, you will have to hire for their replacement, which would again hike up your costs.

How outsourcing a sales team can benefit your hotel business?

In the competitive hospitality industry, you cannot sustain yourself without an effective and skilled sales manager. But then how would you manage to save some costs while attracting high volumes of sales every month? You can outsource your sales team from a reputed firm to enhance your hotel’s sales performance even while cutting costs. Over the years, outsourcing a sales team has become common in the hospitality industry because it enables hoteliers to look at better returns without overspending on the operating costs.

Here are some of the ways in which an externalized sales team can help you grow your hotel business:

  • Automating routine tasks

Without overburdening your existing staff and compromising the quality of the hotel operations, an externalized hotel manager can automate some of your business’s routine tasks. This would be hugely helpful as you would have some free time to delve your concentration into other aspects of the company.

  • Enhanced efficiency

You might hire an in-house sales team, but what if they don’t live up to your expectations? If you hire a sales manager and sales representatives, they might not display consistency and accuracy in their assigned responsibilities. However, when you outsource a sales team from a 3rd party organization, you would not have to worry regarding it, as their immediate plan would be to add valuation to your business by delivering high-quality performances. Thus you would find them accomplishing all the required tasks within deadlines without even committing any mistakes.

  • Cost-cutting

You would be able to save up to 50 % of your operating costs just by externalizing your hotel sales operations. You would not even have to hire any customer care representatives because the sales team would be responsible for booking the reservations and resolving customer queries.

Outsourcing a sales team for your hotel will allow you to streamline your business’s sales operations without unnecessary investments.

Gastronomy Solution Tech Helps You With Online Ordering System For Restaurants And Hotels

Avail of our online ordering system’s services and satiate your hungry customers’ hunger in no time.

QR codes for hotels

Due to the emerging pandemic and high labor cost in Europe, luxury hotels, restaurants, and resorts start to consider minimizing their labor cost and minimizing contact while dealing with their customers. Yet, how is it possible to increase your financial result by the end of the year while minimizing everything?

The Gastronomy Solution Tech has developed an innovative and exclusive QR code scanning method, which enable to speed up order taking process and minimize labor cost up to 20-30%.

Ask your customers to download a QR reader to scan their menu and order from their phones. What else can be a better way to promote safety and social distancing during the period of the pandemic!

Our QR code services

The Gastronomy Solution Tech provides various services by which hotels can promote their business and get the work going via QR codes. They are as follows:

Switch to QR code menus

Introduce contactless technology to food orders, automatic laundry, interior changes, and other added requests. This will enhance your hotel’s credibility and provide customers with a better experience and room service facilities.

Add the QR codes in the hotel room that would redirect the customers to the hotels’ digital menus. The customers can order anything they want to with a simple button to reach out to the staff. Ask your customers to book table reservations using QR codes.

Collect feedback for improved customer service

The hospitality sector runs on the feedback received from the customers to provide their guests with the best. Instead of asking customers for paper-based feedback, generate QR codes at the reception desk before the guests’ arrival. You can attach a PDF QR code to let customers check the preview reviews and feedback along with the feedback form.

Also, QR code-generated feedback will help your business make the necessary changes that your guests expect from you.

Share contact details

Having a hotel business, it is imperative to make contact details available for the guests. Your guests can easily book a cab with the contact details and accept special requests. Include the QR code of your contact details on pamphlets, business cards, and menus, along with the Du Jour Menu.

Services provided

Gastronomy Solution Tech will link the QR code to an intranet and provide the following services:

For restaurants

  • Contactless payment methods
  • Create and offer a discount for the day or week, or year on anything the customer wants
  • Order for food and drinks without the help of a waiter
  • Easier inventory control
  • Detailed report by the end of the day


For hotels

  • Contactless payment methods
  • Create and offer a discount for the day or week, or year on anything the customer wants
  • Order for food and drinks without the help of a waiter
  • Creation of online e-commerce portal for the hotel’s store
  • Avail specialty features like room service facilities, reserving SPA or restaurant table at the hotel, calling technics to repair, calling housekeeping, reading the newspaper, magazines, completing surveys, wake up service, special request, etc.
  • Easier inventory control
  • Detailed report by the end of the day

How does QR code work?

The working of a QR code can be discussed in three simple stages:

Step 1: Scan QR code

Step 2: Select the service you wish to order

Step 3: Make your payment or call a staff at your table  


Since the hospitality industry has evolved leaps and bounds in the past few years, the Gastronomy Solution Tech also thought about including the latest technology to par with the latest market trends. Avail of our QR code services at an affordable rate and deliver a satisfying experience to your customers.

Talk to us to experience both types of QR code generation at the Gastronomy Solution Tech – dynamic and static. Make your payment process faster and error-free.