Our contract terms varies from 1-2 years depending on the agreement. Cancellation can be done 6 months prior before the expiration of the contract.


Yes, we are offering a demo version while setting up our property management system ( PMS) and hotel channel management system. Furthermore, we are offering a trial period while externalizing your marketing and sales team.


No, the moment you will externalize your sales & marketing team , our profesionals will take care of your firm as if you have recruited your own team for 169 hours per months.


Yes, we are offering a 24 hours reservation team as well as our call agent at your disposal.


We are forwarding all reservation calls on a Customer service number starting with ‘’0850’’. Our native speaker team will answer the phone as if they are answering from your permises. They will be eligible to take new reservations , answer requests and make reservation changes according to the guest’s will .


We will offer the chance to give you a short term contract of 6 months period as if you are recruiting your own employee at your sales and marketing department. Daily performance report will be sent to you in order to analyse your KPI. In case of a drop down in your sales performance, a detailed meeting will be set to discuss with the GM/ owner of the permises for a new strategy.


Tip Top Agency is hosting under its roof, a 11 years of hotelerie experience from different sort of hotel types ( resort , golf and city hotel ) which professionalized in Management and Sales orientated


Once the services has been offered the payment should be done 14 days after the invoice has been sent to the firm.


We are focusing in 3 countries : Germany as a priority, France and Great Britain .