Externalize Sales Team

Why should every hotel outsource the sales team?

Do you know that your high operating costs might be the reason behind the crumbling of your hotel business? Running a hotel is an expensive affair since you have to invest in the hotel’s infrastructure and facilities, and there is no other alternative to this. However, do you realize that the maintenance of in-house sales staff might be the reason behind the ever-increasing operating costs of your hotel?

Why having an in-house sales team in your hotel will act as a disadvantage?

A sales manager’s role in a hotel is primary as they are the person who drives more footfalls in your hotel and increases your sales. However, to recruit and retain a sales manager, you will have to offer them high pay and ensure regular increments. Besides this, you would have to provide the other benefits like insurance, food and accommodation expenses, etc. The same goes for a sales team consisting of a few representatives who would target your potential customers. While you would not be able to acquire a high ROI without an effective sales team, you would have to invest in their monthly compensation, illness benefits, and overtime fees. In case some of the sales representatives go on leaves, you will have to hire for their replacement, which would again hike up your costs.

How outsourcing a sales team can benefit your hotel business?

In the competitive hospitality industry, you cannot sustain yourself without an effective and skilled sales manager. But then how would you manage to save some costs while attracting high volumes of sales every month? You can outsource your sales team from a reputed firm to enhance your hotel’s sales performance even while cutting costs. Over the years, outsourcing a sales team has become common in the hospitality industry because it enables hoteliers to look at better returns without overspending on the operating costs.

Here are some of the ways in which an externalized sales team can help you grow your hotel business:

  • Automating routine tasks

Without overburdening your existing staff and compromising the quality of the hotel operations, an externalized hotel manager can automate some of your business’s routine tasks. This would be hugely helpful as you would have some free time to delve your concentration into other aspects of the company.

  • Enhanced efficiency

You might hire an in-house sales team, but what if they don’t live up to your expectations? If you hire a sales manager and sales representatives, they might not display consistency and accuracy in their assigned responsibilities. However, when you outsource a sales team from a 3rd party organization, you would not have to worry regarding it, as their immediate plan would be to add valuation to your business by delivering high-quality performances. Thus you would find them accomplishing all the required tasks within deadlines without even committing any mistakes.

  • Cost-cutting

You would be able to save up to 50 % of your operating costs just by externalizing your hotel sales operations. You would not even have to hire any customer care representatives because the sales team would be responsible for booking the reservations and resolving customer queries.

Outsourcing a sales team for your hotel will allow you to streamline your business’s sales operations without unnecessary investments.