About Us

Our team is specialized in all sort of daily operative actions from A-Z , yet well focused on Hotel Revenues & Marketing & Gastronomy areas.


After 11 years of tourism expertise in the field of International Tourism, our team gathered countless Hotels, Incoming & Outgoing TO experiences under brands such as Shangri – La, Mandarin Oriental, Magic Life and many more. Our Multicultural team had the opportunity to live and work in 9 countries (France, Iran, Turkey, Austria, Singapore, Germany, Ukraine, Switzerland, and Finland) which make the team think more beyond the buffalo. Currently some of our team members are working as GM or Sales Directors in 4* luxury and 5* resort hotels in Europe.

Our team is specialized in all sort of daily operative actions from A-Z , yet well focused on Hotel Revenues & Marketing & Gastronomy areas.

Tip Top Agency focus on small hotel businesses, from boutique firms to medium range hotel industries who are willing to get a good start-up ( pre-opening phase) or externalize their Sales & Marketing team due to their high cost of labor and by encouraging them to carry out their ambition, expectations, and priorities. Our expertise in a number of industries can enable you to achieve targets for your brand while developing your business and developing a great reputation that customers will love and would like to visit.

Our highly experienced professionals make it easier to identify your vision and then work diligently to grow your business. We seek to evolve with our experience by using a holistic approach to effective logistic planning of places and resources that converts into a competitive design model. Tip Top Agentur will support you in reintroducing different aspects of your company from the initial concept. ”Our consultants take the time to evaluate your business’s present and potential needs and develop a strategic roadmap that provides a great combination of profitability and sustainable development.

Our specialists take the time to explore every minute detail of your activities and move ahead with unique approaches specifically designed for your business.




Our Mission

“Streamline Hotel Operations by Minimizing Risk & Running Cost Through Providing Exceptional Consultancy Services.

At Tip Top Agentur, we are committed to upholding consistency in Integrated Strategies for Hotels, Gastronomy, and Digital Marketing projects by Authenticity, Credibility & Openness, delivering value-added services to our customers, upholding high-quality levels at all times.

We are entrepreneurs providing professional services in the fields of sales and marketing.

We focus on providing restaurants with a “back-to-basics” methodology to price management, based on reality and not emotions. If you start a business for the first time or plan a financial turnaround, we will have developed business consulting processes and resources. We are committed to supporting business owners to optimize their potential and bottom line by providing the most reliable and creative established market solutions to improve the business vision, principles, and marketing strategies. With a hands-on consulting mindset and entrepreneurial energy, Tip Top Agentur offers fully integrated solutions so that our customers can achieve success in any area of their market.


Our Vision

To build a long term and trustworthy customer relationship.

Tip Top Agentur specializes in Brand Building, Business Start-up, Externalization of Sales & Marketing team, Restaurant Training Initiatives, Menu Price Evaluation, Restaurant Sales Growth Programs, Restaurant Management Analysis, and Operating Expenses, and the turnaround of failing or financially challenged businesses.

We are a one-stop consultancy that can enable you to meet various organizational concerns, addressing any possible aspect of facilities design and management. Our main priority is to provide help and support in the development, facilities planning, gastronomy technological solutions, and hotel management initiatives, and the reshaping and restructuring of existing operational units. We use the new tools and technology to ensure that we meet your standards on any possible part of facility monitoring and development. Our extensive background includes working in a wide range of sectors, including hotels to restaurants to different types of initiatives.


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